Business Card Scanner

The idea for this project struck me as I wanted to build something meaningful using OCR as I am great fan of it (even today it looks a wonder to me (LOL)).

Just click a photo and in seconds using the inbuilt Optical Character Recognition engine the contact details will be in your Phone Book. The data altogether will be safe and encrypted so that only the user can access it.

Here’s how it works:

It uses Google’s Tesseract to built an Optical Character Recognition Engine inside the phone once installed, thus it works completely offline.

Then using Leptonica Image Processing and various other algorithms the image clicked is enhanced so as to best suite for the OCR purpose.

The engine then extracts the text which undergoes entity detection using Open Natural Language Processing(OpenNLP).

The entities are put under appropriate fields and the contact is saved in the phone directory along with the business card.

Using Parse as backend, Android Studio as IDE, stackoverflow as mentor I finally completed the app in 1 month time period.

All revenue generated from the app goes for wellfare of Blind Children :) .

Bringing Colors to LIFE.

Tech: Android, Optical Character Recognition, Natural Lang Processing, Tesseract, Parse, Leptonica.

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