In Campus Shark 2016 hackathon by Digital Ocean, my friend Siddhant and I built Swiftly.

Our theme invokes the responsibility that every citizen of this country should undertake- socially, morally and ethically. We are introducing first time ever features! So hang on!

What is SWIFTLY ?

SWIFTLY helps you to no longer be a by-stander and instead come forward and help others and yourself in times of health and such crisis.

SWIFTLY can be a security assistant that can track your near ones anytime.

SWIFTLY can be your friend who would recommend you the nearest restaurant, or anything you may ask and guide you there.


Swiftly would show you live movements of routes of the person you want to track (once the authorization is completed) on Google Maps with an interval of 10 seconds. Battery optimization has been taken into consideration also.

This is a great safety feature.


Using SDK of Uber and Ola you could compare and book ride from OlA or UBER even if you do not have the apps in your phone.

Using Uber SDK,OLA SDK, Google Places, Google Suggestions, OAuth for both.


New to a place? Traveling alone? Need to get the closest public authority office? Just enter the kind of service station you are looking for and find the closest one at the touch of a button! Also includes navigation from your place to destination. ATM, Bank, School, Stadium, Liqour Shops, Library, Park, Govt Offices, Hotels, Restraunt, Police Station and many others… With the contact details, opening-closing hours and address.

The most popular of the places around the current location will also be suggested.


Promoting Digital India initiative we made digital storage such that you can store all your documents at one place. Optical Character Recognition(OCR) and OpenCV libraries are there to scan your card and automatic image enhancement and sides cropping of the documents. The Details of docs such as Aadhar Card, Passport, Licence,etc are sent to you as soon as you upload them.


The user just has to tap one button and get the service response in a matter of few moments. With provision of security and medical services the application aims to improve the efficiency and make it easily accessible to the community. Just like uber or ola….. one can call an ambulance or call police in emergency situations. All this in just one tap.

Tech: Android, OpenCV, Optical Character Recognition(OCR), Uber SDk, OLA SDK, Oauth, Google Places API, Maps API, Parse.

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