Text Lens

The idea here is to convert the written assignments into editable form(well that was my usage… :) ), saving time and helping me with my laziness XD

Click a photo and in seconds using the inbuilt Optical Character Recognition engine the text extracted can be saved as text file in the phone and in your personal Dropbox account.

Here’s how it works:

It uses Google’s Tesseract to built an Optical Character Recognition Engine inside the phone once installed, thus it works completely offline.

Then using Leptonica Image Processing and various other algorithms the image clicked is enhanced so as to best suite for the OCR purpose.

You get an option to save the document to your Dropbox.

This one was completed in 4 days (yeah,bit fast on this one).

Tech: Android, Optical Character Recognition, Tesseract, Leptonica, Dropbox SDK.

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Source code